WIT Spotlight

WIT Spotlight: Grace Clark

Grace Clark is a sophomore at the International High School of New Orleans, LA, and a student intern with Operation Spark, a non-profit that offers local youth a fundamentals course in software development and more importantly, helps them get jobs in the field. “I got my first taste of coding from my older brother, Austin, […]


User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Workshop Recap and Photo Gallery

Attendees of New Orleans WIT’s three hour UX/UI workshop gained the basic knowledge and tools needed to create effective user interfaces and experiences, and made wireframe mockups in Adobe Illustrator. The workshop was taught by two Peter Mayer professionals, Amanda Pate, Senior User Experience Architect, and Jeremy Miller, a Developer specializing in User Interface design […]

WIT Spotlight

WIT Spotlight: Shercole King

Women in tech come from diverse backgrounds and bring unique perspectives to their work in the technology world.  As a way of celebrating those differences, WIT spotlight series will highlight interesting facts about local innovators who are doing great things. This month’s WIT spotlight questionnaire focuses on Shercole King, a native New Orleanian, activist, consultant, […]

Project Management

Process as a reflex

Our bodies can do some amazing things, one of the most impressive of which is the reflex arc. Essentially, a reflex arc is what makes it possible for our body to react to things more quickly than we can think. Instead of sending every piece of information through the brain for processing, a reflex arc routes neurons through […]