About New Orleans WIT

The Mission of New Orleans WIT is to improve the industry landscape for women in tech with a community based approach to mentoring, professional development, and career advancement.

Our Goals are to:

  • Increase the salaries of women in tech in New Orleans to be equal to what men in our field are earning.
  • Increase the number of women in tech in New Orleans by 75% by 2020.

Did You Know? 

  • Louisiana has the second largest gender pay gap in the country, with women earning only 67% of men’s wages.
  • Across the US, women in computer science earn only 84% of what men in similar roles are earning.
  • There are only 920,000 women in computer science occupations across the country, compared to 2,865,000 men.
  • New Orleans was recently ranked the #7 best city for women in technology!


New Orleans WIT is powered by local volunteers, all working towards the common mission of improving the
local technology industry landscape for women in New Orleans.

Wendy Dolan

As the Founder of Get Online NOLA, Wendy has given small business owners a new, affordable way to build a high-quality online presence. Wendy is a mom of two and an advocate for women in the workplace.

Jaelle Schuerman
Vice President

Jaelle is the University Outreach Committee co-chair for New Orleans WIT. She is also a graduate student at Tulane University, pursuing an Interdisciplinary PhD in Computer Science and Cognitive Science.

Shercole King

Shercole is founder of Teen Tech Day, a one day teen technology conference. By day, she is the Homeless Management Information Systems Administrator at VIA LINK.

Alba Huddleston
Director of Programming

Alba is an active member of local tech, geek, & hispanic groups. She is an Industrial Engineer turned Maker and is exploring career opportunities as a freelance blogger and web design assistant.

Chloe Frank
Director of Marketing

She is a Product Manager at LookFar, an idea acceleration company that partners with entrepreneurs to build custom software.

Diana Marquez

After working in electoral politics and advocating for more Latinos to pursue STEM careers, Diana took her own advice & switched careers to software development, where she now works for Kickboard as a Junior Developer.

Committee Chairs

Karen Thomas
University Liaison

As Associate Dean in the College of Sciences at the University of New Orleans, Karen is passionate about helping to create more opportunities for young women to pursue careers in technology.

Lila Mohamed
Website Chair

Lila is a Junior Front End Web Developer and Seasoned Layout Print Designer. She is excited to help others gain new technical skills in WIT’s workshops.