Project Management

Process as a reflex

Our bodies can do some amazing things, one of the most impressive of which is the reflex arc. Essentially, a reflex arc is what makes it possible for our body to react to things more quickly than we can think. Instead of sending every piece of information through the brain for processing, a reflex arc routes neurons through […]

How To

How long will that take? (a How To guide to estimating)

No matter what your role in business or technology, a question we all hear is: “How long will that take?” With anything, and with software development in particular, this is a difficult question to answer because, well… It depends. Unfortunately, that’s not usually an answer we can give. Thankfully, there are some ways that we can […]

Job Search

What your resume template isn’t telling you

This is the time of year that I do a lot of résumé reviews, helping people get updated and polished for a new  year of job opportunities. Typically, women spend a lot of time choosing a résumé template, with the misconception that the format of their résumé is what will help them land their next job. […]