User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Workshop Recap and Photo Gallery


Attendees of New Orleans WIT’s three hour UX/UI workshop gained the basic knowledge and tools needed to create effective user interfaces and experiences, and made wireframe mockups in Adobe Illustrator. The workshop was taught by two Peter Mayer professionals, Amanda Pate, Senior User Experience Architect, and Jeremy Miller, a Developer specializing in User Interface design and development. They gave an overview of both disciplines with a focus on hand on activities.

Here in New Orleans there are many small software and design shops that combine User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) into one role. Many young designers are unaware of the breadth of career opportunities within the field. The workshop expanded on various UI/UX job positions, and covered best practices for approaching UX and UI.

The original event posting can be found hereClick here and here to download the workshop slide deck and scroll down to see a photo gallery from the event.

UX/UI Workshop Attendees said…

lilly“I have a much better grasp of the big picture and what I need to think about when I go about designing a website. WIT is a great community of people, and the coaches were really helpful because we had such a short amount of time and I’m a beginner.” -Lilli Lebec

katy“The quality of instruction was totally professional and they taught in an easy to follow and understandable format. I love the hands on activities that gave me a deeper of understanding of the process and materials.” -Katy Evans

sean“I was very happy that the workshop was interactive so I walked away with a (very junior) skill after only a three hour class. I’m not totally lost in illustrator anymore!” -Sean Rowland

aline“I enjoyed learning all the components that go into a layout. There’s so much planning and strategizing that happens before you even start a design. Thanks WIT!” – Aline Adams

Additional UX/UI Resources

Sidebar – A daily email with 5 UI/Design links. Some of them aren’t very good, but most of the time the links are pretty worthwhile.

A List Apart – These guys wrote the book on UI. This was started by a guy named Jeff Zeldman, who is like the current master of front end development. A lot of this stuff is kind of technical, but there are also a lot of UI related things.

The Neilson Norman Group – This is Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g). They do usability research. Their articles are sometimes kind of academic, but they’ve done a lot of research into things like homepage carousels, finding that they really aren’t very good. Stuff like that. This is one of the best places to get info on UI related things.

SitePoint – Sitepoint started as a book publisher that taught things like JavaScript, PHP, etc. But they’ve also got a great section of their site about UI/UX. 

UX/UI Workshop Photo Gallery

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